0:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: JAMSON: My name's Hamish Jamson, er, I'm an international umpire, erm, English. Er, I've been, er, international umpire since 1995.

Segment Synopsis: Jamson introduces himself explaining that he is an international hockey umpire.

Keywords: Umpire

Subjects: Umpiring--International

0:08 - Hockey playing career and progression into umpiring

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: How did you start playing hockey?

Segment Synopsis: Jamson discusses playing hockey at school, university, territory and club level before transitioning into umpiring.

Keywords: Chris Todd/Christopher Todd; David Swallow; England; Graham Nash; Hightown Hockey Club; Liverpool--United Kingdom (UK); Merchant Taylors School; Mike Graham/Michael Graham; National League; Northern Hockey Club; Richard Masheder; School; Southport Hockey Club; Umpire

Subjects: Recollection of Others--Umpire Rules Teams--Boys--School Teams--Boys--Territory Teams--Men--Club Teams--Men--College & University Umpiring--Club Umpiring--College & University Umpiring--Territory

2:51 - Touring with England

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: And how did you make your progression in, in umpiring?

Segment Synopsis: Jamson recalls touring as an umpire with England to Australia in 1995 and the lessons he learned from the experience.

Keywords: Australia; Chris Mayer; Don Prior/Donald Prior; Don Williams; England; English Hockey Association (EHA); Hobart--Australia; Jay Stacy; Ken Wark/Kenneth Wark; Murray Grimes; Tour; Umpire

Subjects: Associations--National International Travel Recollection of Others--Player Recollection of Others--Umpire Teams--Men--Touring Umpiring--International

5:06 - Good and bad umpiring

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: Have you ever made an horrendous decision?

Segment Synopsis: Jamson provides examples of good and bad umpiring decisions that he has made.

Keywords: "bon arbiter"; Advantage; Belgium; East Grinstead Hockey Club; France; Matthew Daly/Matt Daly; National League; Surbiton Hockey Club; Tim Deakin; Todd Williams; Umpire

Subjects: Recollection of Others--Coach & Manager Rules Umpiring--Club Umpiring--International

6:43 - Umpiring tours and major international tournaments

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: So, how many, erm, tours have you done? What sort of tours?

Segment Synopsis: Jamson discusses his history of umpiring international tournaments and tours and speaks with particular affection of his experiences umpiring at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Keywords: Champions Trophy; European Hockey Federation (EHF); European Nations Championship/EuroHockey Nations Championship; International Hockey Federation (FIH); London--United Kingdom (UK); Olympics/Olympic Games; Tour; Umpire; World Cup

Subjects: Associations--International International Travel Olympic Games--2012 London Tournaments--International Umpiring

7:57 - Cultural differences in rule interpretation

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: How do you find the cultural differences between different, maybe different continents?

Segment Synopsis: Jamson discusses the effect of the globalisation of hockey on umpiring, with players and umpires increasingly familiar with different styles of play.

Keywords: Advantage; Australia; East Grinstead Hockey Club; European Club Championship/EuroHockey Club Championship; Free Hit; Globalisation; Graham Nash; Hockey India League (HIL); Stick Tackle; Surbiton Hockey Club; Tournaments--Club; Tournaments--International; Umpire

Subjects: Recollection of Others--Umpire Rules Umpiring--International

9:09 - Rule changes and evolution

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: And how have the changes in the rules over the last five, ten years affected umpiring?

Segment Synopsis: Jamson examines how rule changes have affected umpiring and hockey in general. He then looks ahead to potential future improvements in terms of rules and support from administrators and governing bodies.

Keywords: Euro Hockey League (EHL); Expenses; Free Hit; Lottery Funding; Martin Madden; Offside; Scotland; Self-pass; Umpire; Video Analysis; Video Umpire

Subjects: Administration & Finances--International Administration & Finances--National Associations--Umpiring Fitness & Injury Rules Tournaments--Club Umpiring--Club

12:56 - Retirement plans

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: And what are you going to do when you are forced to retire and you reach that magic age?

Segment Synopsis: Jamson discusses his plans for when he retires from umpiring.


Subjects: Coaching & Management--Umpiring Life Outside of Hockey--Retirement

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