0:00 - Interview introduction

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Partial Transcript: MARTIN: Freddie Martin, er, born in Newry in December 1949. So I'm just over 21.

Segment Synopsis: Martin introduces himself stating his date and place of birth.

Keywords: Date of birth; Newry--United Kingdom


0:09 - Route into international hockey

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Partial Transcript: MARTIN: My f--, obviously introduction to hockey was, erm, at school and, er, I then played for the Irish schoolboys in 1968.

Segment Synopsis: Martin recalls his early interest in hockey before quitting the sport to play football. He recounts his first cap at the EuroHockey Nations Championship in Madrid in 1974 and other prominent moments in which he represented Ireland at hockey.

Keywords: Argentina; Christopher Langhorn; Debut; Easter Road; European Cup; European Nations Championship/EuroHockey Nations Championship; Football (Soccer); Grass; Hibernian Football Club; Hounslow Hockey Club; Intercontinental Cup; International Caps; Ireland; John Grimmer; Madrid--Spain; Opening Ceremony; Richard Kendrick; School; Spain; World Cup; Yugoslavia

Subjects: Indoor Hockey Playing Surfaces Teams--Boys--International Teams--Boys--School Teams--Men--Club Teams--Men--International Tournaments--International World Cup--Men--1978 Buenos Aires

2:32 - Hounslow Hockey Club: Part I

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: And when you came to London?
MARTIN: Moved to London in 1976. Joined Hounslow then.

Segment Synopsis: Martin discusses retiring from international hockey and moving to London whereupon he joined Hounslow Hockey Club.

Keywords: Christopher Langhorn; County Championship; Hounslow Hockey Club; Hounslow--United Kingdom (UK); John Grimmer; London--United Kingdom (UK); Middlesex

Subjects: Teams--Men--Club Teams--Men--County Tournaments--County

2:49 - Ladykillers Hockey Club touring team

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Partial Transcript: MARTIN: And then I joined a, a very happy band called the Ladykillers.

Segment Synopsis: Martin recalls his experiences as part of the Lady Killers, a touring hockey team for international players. He recounts a specific anecdote from 1978 when he was forced to miss the Folkestone Festival to play in the World Cup.

Keywords: Argentina; Canada; England; Folkestone Festival; Fred Taylor; German Hockey Federation (DHB); Germany; Great Britain; Ladykillers Hockey Club; Netherlands; President; Tour; West Germany; Wolfgang Hillman; World Cup

Subjects: International Travel Recollection of Others--Player Teams--Men--Masters & Veterans Teams--Men--Touring Tournaments--Festival World Cup--Men--1978 Buenos Aires

4:51 - Hounslow Hockey Club: Part II

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Partial Transcript: MARTIN: I did coach Hounslow then, er, after I'd given up playing First Team. The National League had started.

Segment Synopsis: Martin reminisces about his coaching role at Hounslow Hockey Club. He recalls his personal successes as coach and laments the gradual decline of Hounslow following his transition in to an administrative role. The Club folded in 2006.

Keywords: Barnes Hockey Club; Bobby Crutchley; Danny Kerry; Director; Ealing Hockey Club; European Club Championship/EuroHockey Club Championship; Hounslow Hockey Club; Middlesex; National League; Relegation; Richmond Hockey Club

Subjects: Administration & Finances--Club Club Liquidation & Mergers Coaching & Management--Club Recollection of Others--Coach & Manager Teams--Men--Club Tournaments--Club

6:37 - Founding of the Hockey Internationals Club

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Partial Transcript: MARTIN: Because of the, the--my Ladykiller involvement, er, Sally Munday and Richard Leman, erm, came to me - Sally is Chief Executive of England Hockey and Richard at the time was, er, President of Great Britain Hockey - and said "We want an Ex-Internationals Club similar to the Ladykillers where people can meet and attend events".

Segment Synopsis: Martin recalls the founding of the Hockey Internationals Club. He discusses its objectives and plans for its future evolution.

Keywords: "Rooming"; Administrator; Chief Executive Officer (CEO); England; England Hockey (EH); European Nations Championship/EuroHockey Nations Championship; Germany; Great Britain; Great Britain Hockey; Hockey Internationals Club; Ladykillers Hockey Club; Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre; Official; Olympics/Olympic Games; Peter Marsh; President; Richard Leman; Sally Munday; Spain; Terry Gregg; Umpire

Subjects: Administration & Finances--National Dinners Hockey Homes, Venues & Stadia Olympic Games--1972 Munich Recollection of Others--Administrator Recollection of Others--Player Reunion Social & Friendships Teams--Men--Touring Tournaments--International Volunteering

10:09 - Career highlights: Part I

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: Y--You've had an extensive career. When you look back, what are the stand out highlights for you, the memories?

Segment Synopsis: Martin recalls his career highlights including being part of the first Irish squad to go to the World Cup. He goes on to discuss the issue of Nothern Irishmen choosing to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Games as opposed to representing Ireland.

Keywords: All Ireland Hockey Championships; Belfast--United Kingdom (UK); Buenos Aires--Argentina; Cliftonville Hockey Club; County Championship; England; European Nations Championship/EuroHockey Nations Championship; Great Britain; Hounslow Hockey Club; International; Ireland; Newry Hockey Club; Newry--United Kingdom; Northern Ireland; Olympics/Olympic Games; Scotland; Wales; World Cup

Subjects: Awards--Hockey Trophies Teams--Men--Club Tournaments--Club World Cup--Men--1978 Buenos Aires

12:54 - Retirement and family

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE:You've got a family. You talked about your daughters. Erm, how did hockey impact on your family and your day job?

Segment Synopsis: Martin discusses his family and his interests, both within and outside of hockey, post-retirement.

Keywords: England; Hampstead Heath; Horse Riding; Ireland; Ladykillers Hockey Club

Subjects: Fitness & Injury Indoor Hockey Life Outside of Hockey--Career Life Outside of Hockey--Family--Adulthood Life Outside of Hockey--Retirement Recreation Social & Friendships Teams--Men--Masters & Veterans Tournaments--Masters & Veterans Training & Conditioning--International

15:39 - Rule changes and evolution

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: And how do you feel about the changes in the game?

Segment Synopsis: Martin discusses the impact of rule changes on the modern game and recalls a particular anecdote concerning the reverse stick technique.

Keywords: Back Stick; Diet; Disallowed Goal; Dublin--Republic of Ireland; England; European Nations Championship/EuroHockey Nations Championship; Germany; Goalkeeper; Kulbir Bhaura; Peter Trump; Reverse Stick (Tomahawk); Sean Kerly; Umpire; Usain Bolt; West Germany

Subjects: Administration & Finances--International Associations--Umpiring Fitness & Injury Kit & Equipment Recollection of Others--Player Rules Teams--Men--International Teams--Women--International Training & Conditioning--International

18:48 - Career highlights: Part II

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Partial Transcript: SOMERVILLE: What's your abiding memory? I mean, the one thing that you take out of your, all your hockey career that, that will stay with you forever.

Segment Synopsis: Martin recalls his career highlight of winning the inaugural EuroHockey Cup Winners Cup in 1990 as coach of Hounslow Hockey Club.

Keywords: Amsterdam--Netherlands; Bereavement; European Cup Winners Cup/EuroHockey Cup Winners Cup; Frankfurt--Germany; Hounslow Hockey Club

Subjects: Awards--Hockey Trophies Coaching & Management--Club Life Outside of Hockey--Family Teams--Men--Club Tournaments--Club

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