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The videos available here are digitised versions of cine film held by The Hockey Museum (THM). They has been posted online in an effort to share the history and heritage of hockey with the wider public. If any video is an infringement of copyright law, please contact The Hockey Museum to have it taken down by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Short demonstrations of each skill, usually in slow motion, but showing each skill once only.

Demonstration - "Stopping right and left"

Demonstration - "Stop and flick"

Demonstration - "Stop and push away"

Demonstration - "The hit"

Demonstration - "The roll-in"

Demonstration - "Tackling on right"

Demonstration - "Dribbling and beating opponent to the right"

Demonstration - "The bully"

Museum ref: 154.1 / C4 R01

Short demonstrations of each skill, usually in slow motion, but showing each skill once only.

Demonstration - "Tackling, the lunge"

Demonstration - "Receiving pass from the right"

Demonstration - "Stopping in the air"

Demonstration - "Dribbling Indian style"

Demonstration - "Tackling reverse side"

Demonstration - "Stopping at full stretch"

Demonstration - "Receiving pass from the left"

Demonstration - "Dribbling English style"

Museum ref: 154.2 / C4 R02

Women's Hockey No 2 "Dribble & Drive". 4 short demonstrations

Museum ref: 154.8 / C4 R08

Women's Hockey No 3 "Receiving"

Museum ref: 154.9 / C4 R09

Techniques for the Bully. Poor quality.

Museum ref: 154.14 / C4 R14

Techniques for roll-ins.

Museum ref: 154.15 / C4 R15

Women’s Hockey no. 9 "The Roll-in"

Museum ref: 154.20 / C4 R20

Women’s Hockey no. 12 "Fielding with the Hand"

Museum ref: 154.21 / C4 R21

Women’s Hockey no. 1 "Dribbling and Driving"

Museum ref: 154.25 / C4 R25

Women’s Hockey no. 4 "The Bully"

Museum ref: 154.29 / C4 R29

Women’s Hockey no. 8 "Reverse Stick Technique"

Museum ref: 154.30 / C4 R30

Women’s Hockey no. 10 "Reverse stick technique"

Museum ref: 154.32 / C4 R32

Short corner routines demonstrated.

Museum ref: 154.35 / C4 R35

Women’s Hockey no. 5 "Basic tackles"

Museum ref: 154.36 / C4 R36

Demonstration - "Stop and Push" 1954

Museum ref: 297.8 / C5 R08

Demonstration - "Bully" 1954

Museum ref: 297.9 / C5 R09

Demonstration - "Stopping right and left" 1954

Museum ref: 297.10 / C5 R10

Demonstration - "Tackling on right" 1954

Museum ref: 297.11 / C5 R11

Demonstration - "The Roll-in" 1954

Museum ref: 297.12 / C5 R12

Demonstration - "Stop and Flick" 1954

Museum ref: 297.13 / C5 R13


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